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Spare time projects


InstantRuby – Windows Store app to develop and execute simple Ruby programs

Namenstage – Windows Phone app for displaying German name days

Open Source – client that works well behind a proxy

.NET Reference Explorer – Windows software to display dependencies between .NET assemblies

SilentCMD – Executes a batch file without opening the command prompt window.

FGet – Command line file downloader with resume functionality

gtest_mem – Memory Leak Detector for Google Test

autoproxy – Command line tool for Linux and Windows to detect and set proxy servers

NI Log Viewer – Viewer for HEAT DSM log files

vim-config – VIM configuration that includes useful plugins and customizations


MJPEG Converter – Searches for MJPEG files and converts them to MPEG-4 (H.264).

AudioLevelWatcher – Monitors audio output and executes a command if a certain level is reached.

CmdHelper – Tool for managing the Global Assembly Cache and generating WSDL files

FileAttach – Command line tool to send files via email using the default mail program or Gmail

RemoteCmd.NET – Command line tool for starting executables on a remote computer

signcode-pwd – Command line tool to automate Microsoft’s SignCode program